Our Mission

The mission of Peace of Mind is to help create kinder and more inclusive schools.

The Peace of Mind program integrates mindfulness, social and emotional learning, and conflict resolution for elementary school students.

Peace of Mind was created by teachers for teachers based on over a decade of in-classroom development with elementary school students and is supported by current research.

The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series, storybooks, and supporting materials teach children how to focus their attention, calm themselves, practice kindness, and solve conflicts peacefully.  Peace of Mind is a secular program that works in public and independent schools.

Here are three videos to introduce you to Peace of Mind:

1. Our Peace of Mind students say it so well.

2. Meet Linda Ryden, Peace of Mind Founder and Curriculum Author

3. Peace of Mind in context:   Peace of Mind featured in the documentary A Joyful Mind.

Upcoming Events

Storytime at Soapstone Market  – This Weekend!
Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 10 am

Join us for story hour at the wonderful Soapstone Market to hear author Linda Ryden read her new book Henry is Kind, the second book in the Peace of Mind storybook series. Fun for the whole family!  Free KIND bars, too!  Thanks, friends at KIND!  @KindSnacks


Community of Practice
January 10, 2018, at 4:15 pm

Peace of Mind invites you all to our next Community of Practice
Gathering!  Come to connect with other educators using Peace of Mind and talk with Core Curriculum authors and mentor
teachers. All are welcome, but please let us know you are coming!

Our Community

Welcome to the Peace of Mind Community!  Our community includes teachers, counselors, administrators, families, and students at schools around the country and the world, including our wonderful new DCPS Peace of Mind Pilot Schools for 2017-2018.

DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson called the Peace of Mind program at Lafayette E.S. “one of my favorite examples of SEL in DCPS.”    Read the full text of his inspiring letter here!I highly recommend this curriculum to any and all teachers!    – 4th Grade teacher Mr. Catapano

I love that [Peace of Mind] connects mindfulness with conflict resolution.  I think mindfulness is a huge missing piece in our schools and I am hoping it makes a difference in my classroom.  – Pilot Classroom teacher 2017-2018 

I think social/emotional well-being is incredibly important for young children. This curriculum does a great job of teaching seemingly intangible skills to young students. – Pilot Classroom teacher 2017-2018

Testimonials for Peace of Mind. 

Find out more about the Peace of Mind Program. 




Thanks so much to IMCW for inviting us to be part of the Fall Family Mindfulness Day.  It was an honor to be part of such a lovely event!

Our second storybook, Henry is Kind, is here!  Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness and Real Love writes about Henry is Kind:  Linda Ryden’s book about heartfulness practice is bright, fun and engaging, which is wonderful because kids will love it.  And, the book provides an easy way for teachers and parents to help children understand and enjoy being kind, which means adults will love it too.It is a pleasure to think of the benefits Henry is Kind will bring to children and families.   Click “Shop” above to order your copy!

Announcing the arrival of The Peace of Mind Core Curriculum for Early Childhood!  Now available through our website and on Amazon.  The Peace of Mind Curriculum Series now meets the needs of PreK through Fifth Grade, and we are offering a new discounted price to make it easier for schools to purchase all three.  Let us know what you think! 

We were so thrilled to host mindful hip hop artist JusTme here in May!  He brought mindfulness in his inimitable way to students at Lafayette and Horace Mann in three music, wisdom and dance-filled performances.  Can’t wait to have him back!  Check him out at JustMindfulness.com.

Linda and Jillian offered the Keynote Address on Creating Mindful Learners at the Fairfax Futures 13th Annual School Readiness Symposium on April 29th, introducing over 300 early childhood educators to the power of mindfulness for young children and the Peace of Mind Curriculum.  Thank you for the opportunity, Fairfax Futures!

Our first storybook, Rosie’s Brain, is now available!  Rosie’s Brain introduces elementary school students to mindfulness skills and the parts of the brain that help us manage anger and calm down: the amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex. A great gift for the children you love!