This is an extraordinary curriculum, at once practical and visionary. The lessons are thoughtfully and meticulously scaffolded as the children are guided step-by-step into an understanding of how their brains work, how to interact with the world with kindness, and how to master themselves.   – V.C., Early Childhood Educator,  June 2017

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What’s UP at Peace of Mind? Incredible Week with JusTmeTV Spot on March 14th;  in the Washington Post on March 9th, 2018  and workshop at the Fight for Children Conference on March 15, 2018 

 Peace of Mind is a Mindfulness-based Social and Emotional Learning Program for Early Childhood through Grade 5.

Integrates mindfulness practice as the foundation of every lesson.

Helps students focus their attention, manage big emotions, calm themselves, build healthy friendships and solve conflicts peacefully.

Moves schools toward kindness and inclusion.

Created for teachers by teachers, and reflects over 16,000 hours of in-classroom development experience

Supported by current research

Fully-scripted, easy-to-follow, effective, engaging lessons

Meets ASCA standards and supports CASEL’s five core competencies