Bringing Peace of Mind to Your School


As a psychotherapist who works with parents and a parent myself, I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend the Peace of Mind curriculum. I have seen first-hand how this author’s work has benefited children individually, as a class, and as part of the larger school community. I wish every school could use this curriculum. Peace of Mind teaches students how to calm their own selves and offers strategies to help them connect with others through empathy and peaceful means. Many students will take home what they learn in the classroom and teach their parents and siblings how to mindfully resolve differences. This curriculum gets my highest recommendation. –   Jen K, June 2017


Thank you for your interest in Peace of Mind!

The Peace of Mind curriculum is classroom-tested, research-based, effective and flexible.

Peace of Mind works beautifully and has maximum impact as a school-wide weekly curriculum, and may also be used successfully as a stand-alone weekly extra-curricular program, and many lessons may be adapted for shorter blocks of time during a regular class period.

Peace of Mind gives teachers the tools to shift the culture of a classroom, and a school, toward kindness and inclusion.

Helping students learn to regard their actions and experiences in relationship to others is a valuable tool that plays a big role in student achievement. If you’re hoping to improve the social/ emotional functioning of your students, check out this curriculum! – Elementary Teacher Celle – June 2017


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Fund for the Future of Our Children (FFC) has kindly partnered with Peace of Mind to support Title I schools using the Peace of Mind Curriculum for the first time.    FFC will offer up to ten $100 grants to Title I Elementary Schools in 2018 to help cover the cost of Peace of Mind Curricula and related materials.   For more information, including how to apply, please click here.


A Parent Testimonial

peace-of-mind-washington-dc-kidsA few years ago I was able to witness how students are able to use what they learn in Peace Class. I was a monitor during recess when I noticed two fourth graders get into a heated argument to the point of it getting physical. I was trying to resolve the issue when a third fourth grader who knew both of them interceded. He calmly talked to them both, using many of the tools Linda teaches – asking both what had happened, how they were feeling, and mentioning the “conflict escalator.” I was able to stand back and observe while he helped the two boys resolve the issue and even got them to shake hands…
Lafayette Elementary school parent