Upcoming Events

Peace of Mind presents at the Fight for Children Conference

March 15, 2018

If you are an early childhood educator in the DC area, consider taking part in Fight For Children’s conference on Thursday, March 15 entitled: Paradigms of Social-Emotional Learning: Teaching the Whole Child Conference.   Peace of Mind’s Jillian Diesner will be offering this workshop:

Mindful Learners – Bringing Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Learning into Early Childhood Classrooms  

Participants in this interactive workshop will learn the basic tenets of mindfulness, including some of the current research and proven benefits of mindfulness for children. We will explore several ways to introduce mindfulness to our littlest learners through fun, kid-focused activities. We will discuss the benefits of combining mindfulness with SEL, and will participate in unique hands-on games for the classroom. We will finish with an overview of basic neuroscience geared for early childhood, and discuss how learning about the brain can help us all be more mindful in our everyday lives. 

For more information about how to register, please contact: Kim Stevenson at Fight for Children.


JusTme is Back in Town

March 13-16, 2018

Peace of Mind is excited to organize the visit of mindfulness hip-hop artist JusTme again this year!  JusTme will be sharing his engaging, inspiring mindfulness assemblies and classroom visits with students and teachers at DCPS elementary schools including Lafayette, Mann and Ross,  and also with Cherry Run E.S. school in Northern VA.  These visits are possible thanks to the generosity of each school’s parents teacher association.   Check out JusTme’s work at www.JustMindfulness.com!

Community of Practice

May 3, 2018, at 4:15 pm

Peace of Mind invites you all to our next Community of Practice Gathering! Come to connect with other educators using Peace of Mind and talk with Core Curriculum authors and mentor teachers. All are welcome, there is no charge to join, and we will have good snacks, but please